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Summer’s coming! Which week is yours?

The days are getting longer and summer is just around the corner! Our 2012 CDSS summer camp details are now available — you’ll find descriptions and staff lists for each session, info about Registration and Scholarships, and more. With 16 programs in 9 weeks at 3 facilities, we have something for YOU. Take your singing, your dancing, your music making to a new level. Discover a tune, a dance, a song and take it home to share. At camp, people make and maintain life-long friendships; which week is YOURS? It may be one you haven’t tried yet!

A new generation at English & American Dance Week at Pinewoods

Owen Morrison playing at Pinewoods with Housetop (photo by Adam Brown)

Owen Morrison playing at Pinewoods with Housetop (photo by Adam Brown)

There is a new generation in charge of our oldest week. In 1976, Jim Morrison led his generation as he took the reins of English & American Dance Week. Look who is in charge this year! Jim’s son, Owen, by my count, has been to 47 of our camp weeks and has only missed 3 of his 29 summers. He went from staff family to staff at age 19 in 2002 and, with his mother, Marney, was Program Director of Family Week in 2008 and 2009. And that is just the CDSS weeks; he is a regular at CCDS in Berea, KY, and a sought after staff member everywhere! He brings a wealth of experience and skills to the position of Program Director. This year’s E&A Week includes a focus on percussive dance, offering six classes on traditions from the US, England and Canada. Kimberley Fraser will teach Cape Breton Step Dance, Leela Grace will teach beginning and advanced levels of Appalachian Clog, Yaëlle Azoulay will teach Advanced and Intermediate Quebecois Step Dance, and Gillian Stewart will teach Rapper. There is still the full complement of English Country, contras and squares, morris dancing, singing and instrument work.


Second year of Harmony of Song & Dance

Nils leads a song at Harmony week 2011 (photo by Claire Morrison)

Nils leads a song at Harmony week 2011 (photo by Claire Morrison)

We will expand on all that we enjoyed last year, our debut of Harmony of Song & Dance. The All Camp Chorale features the full camp in C# Minor, with songbooks in hand, following the lead of one staff member after another (but with more time than last year). By the end of the week, we sing the full variety of presented songs with the conviction of a group who knows the song and knows why we know it. This is truly making music together, and a strong expression of community. This year Brad Foster is using this week to teach a Course for English Dance Leaders. What better training ground could we find? Here English dance leaders learn the importance of song to their job and can observe the teaching styles of so many leaders.


New happenings at our Timber Ridge week

Adina Gordon among young leaders (photo by Roger Katz)

Adina Gordon among young leaders (photo by Roger Katz)

This year our Timber Ridge program has many exciting additions. Beyond the family program that has been so popular, and the adult program in English & American dance that is so much fuller than any we can offer at the smaller Family Weeks at Pinewoods and Ogontz, we have three exciting mini Courses! Eden MacAdam-Somer and Larry Unger will lead their American Dance Musicians Course which was such a success at Pinewoods last summer – Eden and Larry more than made up for the days lost to Tropical Storm Irene with the many extra hours and focused attention they gave the students. Sixteen pre-registered musicians will benefit from their wisdom this year! Nils Fredland and Ralph Sweet are bringing the Singing Squares Callers Course to Timber Ridge as well. Singing Squares are returning with a vengeance and these two know what they are talking about! Their collaboration on the book On the Beat with Ralph Sweet helped get this program off the ground. Gaye Fifer and Adina Gordon will lead Leadership in Dance & Music for Young Adults, taking 20 future leaders on a journey to enhance their leadership in the community from the stage, the dance floor, and the planning of dance and song events.


Each of these special Courses requires specific registration. It is important to clearly state if you want to attend the host week if you do not get into the Course. The Courses do have prerequisites, so any lottery will be among the qualifying applicants. I have tried to explain the details on our Course pages, but feel free to contact me with any questions.

I hope you will join us

For the best chance of getting in to any of our programs, register by March 19, 2012. CDSS members are accepted first.

See you there!

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  1. Amy Sheon
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    I enjoyed Harmony camp so much that I wrote a piece about it that was just published in Making Music Magazine:

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