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Rima at Camp – part 5: Family Week at Ogontz

A series of summer blogs by CDSS Executive Director Rima Dael:

Hello from the green chairs at Ogontz! It is a lovely morning at camp. Breakfast is over and many scurried off to morning classes. Last night was very special as Daron Douglas regaled us with songs and stories. I am much smarter now from Mary Cay Brass leading us in the Latin rendition of Old McDonald Had a Farm — “Moo Moo, Hic…Moo Moo, Ibi…Hic, Moo, Ibi, Moo.” Lovely dancing called by Brad Foster and Susan Kevra. The great new floor, albeit a little slippery, is wonderful!

CDSS Director of Programs Steve Howe and I are here for the rest of the day and back to Pinewoods after dinner.

Cheers, Rima






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