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Rima at Camp—part 10, English Dance Week & the Bravo Brad Party

The last in a series of summer blogs by CDSS Executive Director Rima Dael:

Bravo Brad

Brad Foster is program director this year for English Dance Week at Pinewoods. I dropped in to say hello and spent some time in his Joy of Dance class. The picture here is of Brad talking to us about the importance of good posture and finding joy in the dance!

There was a very important, joyous gathering on Sunday night—Bravo Brad!, a celebration to honor Brad’s 28 years as Executive and Artistic Director of CDSS. It was a wonderful evening, filled with stories of Brad’s start in California (complete with stories of his short-lived football career in high school), and Brad’s attempt to meet Pat Shaw at Pinewoods (but CDSS lost his camp application). Music, dancing and revelry was provided by many dear friends, past and current board members, and colleagues, including Tom Siess, Gene Murrow, David Millstone, Laurie Andres, Ellen Judson, Tom Kruskal, Karen Axelrod, Sue Salmons, Jacqueline Schwab, Peter and Mary Alice Amidon, and others.

Our heartfelt thanks to the “Bravo Brad” planning committee: Jackie Algon, Sharon Green, Linda Lieberman and Steve Howe. Very, very special thanks to Judy Savage, Pinewoods Camp manager; her phenomenal crew for their help; and to the kitchen crew who gave us a Rapper Interlude, a HUGE thank you! The festivities for the evening went on way past my bedtime (I left the shindig just after midnight), but I hear there were a few after-party events. (Smile.)  Also pictured here is part of the Bravo Brad program of Brad pictures. (Note how crumped the program is because it was smooshed at the bottom of my dance bag, under my water bottle.) We’ll be blogging more on the party, with photos and videos too.

Other Fun at the Week

While my time was short with the campers at English Week, I got to watch Gene Murrow lead an advanced ECD class called “Don’t Try This at Home” and Jeremy Carter-Gordon leading Rapper Class. I joined in at Gathering, talking about the CDSS continuum of leadership the last three decades from Sue Salmons to Brad Foster to myself. And, I experienced my first camper-initiated Canada Day celebration—skits, songs, games, food and drink! Whew. It was a jam-packed visit…

More Thanks

…and a fitting end to a summer’s worth of travel to each CDSS camp week in Massachusetts (Pinewoods), New Hampshire (Ogontz) and West Virginia (Timber Ridge). Thank you to Steve Howe, Robin Rogers-Browne and Kappy Laning for making CDSS camps possible! Thank you to all our program directors, instructors, crew, campers, and donors to camp scholarship and special programs! Thanks to the CDSS office staff and Governing Board! Thanks to everyone who makes the joy of dance, music and song at CDSS possible! It has been a wonderful summer for me to get to know all of you.

One Last Thought

May your final days of summer be fun-filled. I leave you with one last shot of the dock at Pinewoods as I tackle my in-box on my desk in the office and catch up with my email in-box too. (If I owe you an email, feel free to send a reminder to me at My daughter starts first grade on Thursday, so it is back to an early bedtime at our house. The end of summer does mean the start of the fall season for many local dances, so there is much to look forward too!

Cheers, Rima

P.S. Do send along pictures and videos you’ve taken at camps or your other summer dancing or musical adventures to share with us.

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