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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Ralph Page Dance Legacy Weekend, part 3

by Rima Dael, Executive Director While many, including me, went to the Ralph Page Dance Legacy Weekend for the music, dancing and company, I also went for the workshops! So much of what we do at CDSS is provide access to education, resources and experiences to increase one’s skill at the do-ing of dance, music […]

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Ralph Page Dance Legacy Weekend, part 2

photo by Jack Mitchell

by Pat MacPherson, Director of Education and Publications While I enjoyed many great dances, and had a blast sitting next to the piano while Bob McQuillen was playing, what made my Ralph Page Dance Legacy Weekend memorable were the conversations I had with people off the dance floor. My CDSS cohort — Nils Fredland, Rima […]

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The First Annual Youth Traditional Song Weekend

by Natty Smith, Anna Nowogrodzki and Ian McGullam, Youth Trad Song Organizing Committee Braving mist and melting snow, 133 people traveled to the first annual Youth Traditional Song Weekend, held January 11-13 in Charlton, Massachusetts. Youth Trad Song (see previous blog post) was inspired by the successful Youth Dance Weekend and organized by a committee of nine traditional singers from New […]

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Ralph Page Dance Legacy Weekend, part 1

by David Smukler CDSS had a great presence at this year’s Ralph Page Dance Legacy Weekend. One of the featured callers was Nils Fredland, who works for CDSS on American Dance publications and projects. One of his sessions focused on the repertoire of Keith Blackmon, a NY State square dance caller. Nils has been hard […]

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“It’s Fun To Hunt”

by David Millstone Ralph Page gave this title to a regular column in his Northern Junket magazine, in which he shared information he had gleaned from looking through old newspapers in New Hampshire and Vermont. For those of us interested in dance history, he’s absolutely right. Late last month, CDSS member Karen Mueller-Harder heard a […]

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Kicking Off Plans for SW Conference

by Linda Henry, CDSS Outreach Manager Plans are afoot for creating a leadership conference for the Southwest United States! An email recently went out to all CDSS group affiliates in the SW and others we know are interested. The message invited 80 people to participate in a phone meeting about preliminary plans. If you didn’t […]

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Visit to Japan

by Rima Dael, Executive Director Happy New Year and a warm hello from all of us in the CDSS office. Thank you for your passionate support in helping us end the 2012 fiscal year brilliantly! We are busy placing finishing touches on our budget for 2013. This Friday I will be traveling to attend the […]

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Square Dance History Project Update

by David Millstone The Square Dance History Project website launched in September of 2012 with financial support from CDSS, CALLERLAB, the Lloyd Shaw Foundation, and ARTS-Dance. We currently have about 800 items online: 418 moving images, 174 audio files, and numerous text documents, photographs, links to other websites, and so on. The website has been […]

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“Dancing at the Crosswords”

by Dr. Christopher Smith The Texas Tech University Vernacular Music Center is a center for research, teaching and advocacy in music and dance traditions from around the world. Founded in 2000, the Center develops practices, programs and alumni who advocate for these traditions’ significance, history and role in human communities. We’ve partnered with regional, national […]

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