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May Day 2013—Tweets

Here’s a recap of all the tweets from this morning, using #maydaycdss:

Oberlin@oberlin: A May Day maypole in @oberlin:

Ames Bielenberg ‏@amesbielenberg: Lisa of Renegade Morris at the Azalea Garden in Philly @CDSSorg #maydaycdss

Helen Gilbert‏@TheCatisfaction: Sun is up! Time to go to the pub for breakfast! #mayday #maydaycdss #MorrisMayDay

Harris Lapiroff@harrislapiroff: A May Day maypole in @oberlin:

Helen Gilbert‏@TheCatisfaction: #maydaycdss #mayday #MorrisMayDay North by Northwest perform a garland dance #seattle

Helen Gilbert‏@TheCatisfaction: Award winning sound and fury Morris as the sun comes up in #seattle #mayday #morrismayday #maydaycdss

Colin ‏@theabingdontaxi: @TheCatisfaction Seattle in Washington state? do they even have #Morris in the USA?

RampantRoosterMorris‏@RampantRooster: @theabingdontaxi @TheCatisfaction Hurrah for worldwide #Morris! Also available in NZ @NelsonCityMorri & Aus @PerthMorrisMen @SurlyGriffins

Helen Gilbert ‏@TheCatisfaction: @theabingdontaxi here in Seattle WA USA we have four sides. This weekend I was in CA with 150+ dancers. It’s here and it’s growing #mayday

freda whittle ‏@fredawhittle2: @TheCatisfaction that’s better hope you had a fun day

Lisa Sieverts ‏@lsievert: Our Fool @CDSSorg #MayDayCDSS Dublin NH Jack-in-the-Green

Helen Gilbert ‏@TheCatisfaction: Sunrise!! From gasworks park #seattle #MorrisMayDay #maydaycdss #mayday

Helen Gilbert ‏@TheCatisfaction: Mosseyback Morris men take the “stage” #seattle #maydaycdss #MorrisMayDay#mayday

Alex Krogh-Grabbe ‏@alexkg413: @CDSSorg #maydaycdss Marlboro Morris Men dance the sun up on Poet’s Seat in Greenfield, MA

Alex Krogh-Grabbe ‏@alexkg413: @CDSSorg #maydaycdss Soon-to-be-papa Rafe makes a surprise appearance, and fails to twist his ankle as per tradition.

Alex Krogh-Grabbe ‏@alexkg413: @CDSSorg #maydaycdss It worked! Just not my 3G upload from the top of Poet’s Seat!

Helen Gilbert ‏@TheCatisfaction: First words of the morning “I’m awake!” Shortly followed by “why do we do this to ourselves every year??” #mayday #maydaycdss #MorrisMayDay

CDSS ‏@CDSSorg: happy may day #maydaycdss

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