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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Montreal Monsters: Making the “Pretty Boy” Video

Guest blog by Sean McCutcheon A music video featuring contradancing—the first to do so, as far as I know—has just been released. Music videos originated as clips shown on TV to promote a recording. Now, though still associated with songs, they have become an art form. As tools for producing them have grown cheaper, and […]

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Preserving the Life’s Work of Keith Blackmon, Part II

Nils Fredland and I have been working on the book of Keith Blackmon’s singing squares for over two years, on and off, and we’ve just published it! Pretty darn exciting. A funny thing happens when you’re working on a book – the words take over. The constant decisions you make are all about commas, hyphens, […]

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Using Technology for Board Work

by Brian Gallagher As I start my final year as a member of the Country Dance and Song Society governing board, I reflect upon some of the things that have happened in my time serving, beyond big policy issues. One of the items I’m proudest about has been my involvement in the efforts to utilize […]

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Mondays in Nelson

Happy Friday CDSS friends!  On this first day of summer I’m happy to share with you my final school project, completed during my recent semester at the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies in Portland, Maine.  While there I learned both radio and video production as well as some photography.  It was wonderful to develop these […]

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Preserving the Life’s Work of Keith Blackmon

From the Introduction of New River Train: Singing Squares from the Collection of Keith Blackmon: Since my first meeting with him, Keith’s spirit has been with me as I have worked to bring his unique singing square dance repertoire to a wider audience of square dance enthusiasts. I came into Keith’s life with a sole […]

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Celebrating the Spirit and Legacy of Nat Hewitt

by Chrissy Fowler The contradance diaspora mourns when an important person passes, especially when the death is untimely. When Nat Hewitt died of complications of cancer in November, the loss was keenly felt by dancers, musicians, and callers across the world, and particularly in Maine, where Nat was the much-loved house fiddler for the Falmouth […]

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