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Using Technology for Board Work

by Brian Gallagher As I start my final year as a member of the Country Dance and Song Society governing board, I reflect upon some of the things that have happened in my time serving, beyond big policy issues. One of the items I’m proudest about has been my involvement in the efforts to utilize […]

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Who Are the People in Your Neighborhood? a.k.a. Assets Mapping!

by Rima Dael, CDSS Executive Director Hello CDSS Community, While in Phoenix recently, I danced and chatted with members of Phoenix Traditional Music and Dance (PHXTMD). Many thanks to Ron and Linda Nieman for the generous hospitality! I also met with Deb Comly for coffee in Flagstaff and we talked about the success of May […]

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Annie Fain Liden-Barralon Welcomed as Folk School’s Music and Dance Program Coordinator

by Cory Marie Podielski originally published by the John C. Campbell Folk School on May 3, 2013 in their blog Folk School Folks, Music! Dancing! (reprinted by permission) The Folk School is so happy to welcome Annie Fain Liden-Barralon to the position of Music and Dance Coordinator! I sat down with Annie Fain to find […]

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Dancing Well: The Soldier Project—update

by Deborah Denenfeld, Director, Dancing Well: The Soldier Project April was an exciting month for Dancing Well: The Soldier Project, which brings community dance to veterans and families affected by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI). On April 10th I participated in the National Summit: Arts, Health & Well-being Across the […]

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Calling all Contra Dance Callers!

The CDSS Contra Dance Task Group wants to know more about the needs of contra callers, of all levels of experience. How did you start calling? What was most useful as you learned? What resources do you think would be most useful to you now in developing further as a caller? What would you like […]

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May Day 2013—Asheville, NC

Attached are a couple of photos from our midday Garland & Morris performance at the Dickson Elementary School in Asheville, North Carolina. Photographers were: Peggy Higgins (Morris photo) and Jon Wilson (Garland photo) Thanks for opportunity to do a “virtual” May Day Ale!

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May Day 2013—Ireland

From Lily Kruskal Leahy in Ireland

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May Day 2013—Boston, MA area

Pinewoods Morris Men represented at the dawn at the Charles River with Fieldtown Banks of the Dee! Also there this morning were Muddy River, Newtowne, Red Herring, Ha’Penny, No Apologies, and many more…

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May Day 2013—Greenfield, MA

Marlboro Morris Men’s musicians, Poet’s Seat, Greenfield, MA

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May Day 2013—Cornwall

Boekka Border Morris from Land’s End in Cornwall, May Sunrise at Chapel Carn Brea, the first and last hill in Britain.

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