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Periodic Table of Contra

I’ve heard many a comment on the overlapping interests of dance and math/science, but usually folks aren’t talking about chemistry. Enter “The Periodic Table of Contra”: This table (click on it for a larger version) was designed by April Blum, one of the organizers of the FootFall dance group. I asked April what had how […]

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Morris Dancing at the UN (updated)

Happy May Day! In the spirit of this international day of morris dancing, here’s a photo from the archives showing morris dancing  at the UN: This photo was taken in 1947 at the United Nations Fiesta at Rockefeller Plaza, NYC by Genny Shimer. My colleague Pat MacPherson shared this photo with me. While Pat might know more […]

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Summer Office Internship 2011

I’m happy to share an exciting opportunity, especially for high school and college age individuals: the CDSS Summer Office Internship. College credit opportunities available. Read more below. Download and share the flier (pdf). – Max CDSS is seeking a Summer Office Intern The Country Dance and Song Society is seeking a motivated individual for its […]

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Square resources page: Nils’ sneak peek

Nils on the trombone. Nils Fredland, our American Dance/Music Projects director, has been at work on some square dance resources to be available on our website. He’s posted here – on his own wonderful blog (which usually features reflections on an evening’s calling) — with a sneak preview. As he says, “One early aspect of the project was […]

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2011 Camps Update

It’s been a little quiet on the blog front recently. We even passed up April Fools! Rest assured, we’re getting back up to steam and there are some interesting posts in the works that will be coming soon. The first round of camp applications have been processed, so I can give you an update on […]

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Camp: Early Deadlines and Scholarships

As the camp registration early deadline approaches, we have some notes from Steve, our Director of Programs, and Linda, our Outreach Manager. Steve on Camp Deadlines Monday (March 28) is the lottery date for our camp weeks! We will be handling all registrations received by the end of the day. Any week oversubscribed will have a lottery. […]

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Camp registrations getting thick as maple syrup.

It’s time to get your early registrations for CDSS camps and special weeks in the mail. Steve Howe, our Director of Programs, has a few things to share. I know that it is almost spring! On Saturdays, my son Sam and I have been boiling maple sap (we are now at 2.5 gallons of syrup) […]

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Dancing into the New York Times

“The sound of fiddles and foot stomping may be the last thing you expect to hear at the Chinatown Y.M.C.A. Nevertheless, every weekend Country Dance New York turns the basketball courts into a country dance hall, filled with jigs, reels and plenty of swinging your partner.” That’s how an article in the New York Times […]

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Bugs Bunny and the Power of Calling

A few observations on a less-than-serious topic for everyone across North America who is covered by snow. Some may be familiar with the 1950 Warner Brothers short Hillbilly Hare, wherein Bugs Bunny lifts up the fiddle and calls a complicated square dance. Watch it on YouTube. (Sorry there’s no embeddable version.) At first glance, this […]

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Over the last few months, I’ve heard from a few groups about their experiences using the online social network Meetup to attract new participants. I’ve even seen its effect at a local dance. This got me wanting to find out a little more about Meetup and how dance and song organizers have been using it. […]

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