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Newsletter Highlight: Dance Revitalization in Palo Alto

Deadline: The deadline for our next issue (April-June) is February 1st, next Tuesday. We’d love your submissions. We’ve also posted a few articles from the current newsletter online and I wanted to highlight one today. Joyce Fortune wrote a wonderful piece entitled Revitalization: How Do You Make a Dance Come Back to Life (pdf) which looks at some […]

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Oberlin Dance Blogging

Oberlin College has had a significant dance scene for some time. In addition to a regular dance series on campus, the Oberlin Contra Dance Club, sponsors an annual dance weekend. The 12th Annual Dandelion Romp is coming up in April. From conversations with alums, I gather there’s significant participation from both the students and the […]

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2011 Summer Camp/Programs Announced

More on this later, but if you hadn’t noticed the 2011 program staff is now available at Some great stuff this year, including: Harmony of Song & Dance – our exciting new week with Peter and Mary Alice Amidon Singing Squares Callers Course – taught by Ralph Sweet and Nils Fredland, authors of On […]

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A Week of Dancing on “Kentucky’s Backroads”

The Christmas Country Dance School at Berea College has been a place to celebrate and practice traditional dance, music, song and crafts since 1938. Lexington, Kentucky’s ABC news station did a nice piece on this year’s CCDS for a series called “Kentucky’s Backroads”. Read the story and see the video. (Or watch it fullscreen.) As […]

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Tony Parkes on a Caller’s Talents

What is “talent” when it comes to calling dances? What makes a talented caller? These are perhaps not questions one can fully answer in a sitting, but I’d like to share one pretty good stab at it. Tony Parkes, Boston-area caller of contras and squares, recently published the 2nd Edition of his landmark book, Contra […]

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New Year’s Deadlines: Grants and Gift Memberships

“Happy Almost 2011″ from the CDSS office! A few timely notes…. Grants Just a quick reminder that the next CDSS grant deadline is January 1st, so finish up those applications and get them in. If you are interested in applying for a grant in the future, here’s what you need to know: Deadlines are quarterly, […]

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Morris Dancing Is Cool

The holidays deserve a bit of fun, so here’s a video from across the pond. It’s a selection from the BBC show Argumental where teams comedically debate a proposition, in this case: Morris dancing is cool. Special guests are London’s Greensleeves Morris Men. Please note the content is slightly PG-13 rated, and not just because […]

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George Pickow, 1922-2010

George Pickow, photographer and husband to singer Jean Ritchie, passed away earlier this month. An excerpt from the New York Times obituary: Working quietly behind the scenes, Mr. Pickow documented the bubbling cultural ferment of New York City, and in particular Greenwich Village, where he and Ms. Ritchie lived after their marriage in 1950. For […]

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Seven Questions for Larry Unger

Larry Unger has more miles under his belt than just about any other contra musician. For more than 25 years, he’s been on the road playing countless dances and composing hundreds of tunes. Recently his band Notorious — with Eden MacAdam-Somer (fiddle), Sam Bartlett (mandolin), Mark Hellenberg (percussion), and Mark Murphy (bass) — released their […]

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Jane Austen’s 235th Birthday

Happy Birthday Jane! Jane Austen was born 235 years ago today. Given the emphasis of “the felicities of rapid motion” in her work, it’s an opportunity to introduce folks to English country dance, as they are doing in Frankfort, Kentucky, among other places. Or maybe just indulge in a little Colin Firth: … and then […]

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