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Singing and Dancing and Other Fun Stuff on May Day in China

As requested, three intrepid Morris dancers checking in from Shanghai, China where we have been having an interesting May Day celebration, both in the dancing sense and in the communist regime sense. Our May Day celebrations began last night when we decided to do a bit of busking in the busy commercial district by the river overlooking the China […]

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Ralph Page Dance Legacy Weekend, part 4—The Future is NOW!

by Mary Wesley, CDSS Education Associate   This year was the third time I have attended the Ralph Page Dance Legacy Weekend—for me it seems to be turning into something of a pilgrimage. It is difficult to put into words what it feels like to be at this unique event and why I plan to […]

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“It’s Fun To Hunt”

by David Millstone Ralph Page gave this title to a regular column in his Northern Junket magazine, in which he shared information he had gleaned from looking through old newspapers in New Hampshire and Vermont. For those of us interested in dance history, he’s absolutely right. Late last month, CDSS member Karen Mueller-Harder heard a […]

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Square Dance History Project Launches New Website

by David Millstone A group of square dance enthusiasts has launched a digital library and website that takes a broad look at square dancing now as well as the historical antecedents of today’s squares. Please share this news and the link with others who might be interested! The project’s primary focus is to collect good […]

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Bravo Brad—part two with video highlights!

by Rima Dael, Executive Director As promised, I said I’d follow up with another blog on the Bravo Brad event from the end of August with a video montage and thoughts from others. Here is the link to the video! Thoughts from others… David Millstone, CDSS Board President “Bravo Brad!” brought a series of CDSS […]

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EFDSS and the Olympics

by Katy Spicer, Chief Executive, English Folk Dance and Song Society Thanks to the good folks in London and Britain for putting on a splendid Olympic Games, and congratulations on all those medals. Here’s a story from our colleagues at EFDSS. Wish we’d been there! — Caroline The Olympic Games provided some opportunities to showcase […]

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Handing off the Music (literally!)

Handing off the music to the next generation? Absolutely, and with considerable flair and musicianship, don’t you think? CDSS president and videographer David Millstone describes this video of Bob McQuillen and friends: Contra dance enthusiasts may enjoy watching a recently-uploaded clip on YouTube that focuses on Bob McQuillen, the New Hampshire musician and tunesmith. Composer […]

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Why we contra dance

A guest post from member Robbin Marcus. Thanks, Robbin! What stories would your dance community like to share? Let us know in the comments. For the last couple of years in Atlanta, amateur videographer Jim Crawford has embarked on an adventure in being a contra dance ambassador. Each week, Jim films the caller and band […]

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Take great dance photos

You’re probably familiar with Doug Plummer’s stunning photos of dancers — he documents dance events across the country, showcasing some of his favorite images in his Contra Dance Photo Project Facebook page. He’s now offering a workshop on how to photograph a dance, as part of this awesome camp lineup from our affiliate group BACDS […]

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New videos: Old Timers Talk

An announcement from our incoming Board President, David Millstone. Folks interested in the history of contra dancing in New England and upstate New York in the post-World War II era may enjoy watching a series of six videos from this year’s Dance Flurry. Billed as “Old TImers Talk” and moderated by incoming CDSS president David […]

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