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Take great dance photos

You’re probably familiar with Doug Plummer’s stunning photos of dancers — he documents dance events across the country, showcasing some of his favorite images in his Contra Dance Photo Project Facebook page. He’s now offering a workshop on how to photograph a dance, as part of this awesome camp lineup from our affiliate group BACDS […]

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Lomax lesson plans

The Association for Cultural Equity provides a useful array Teaching Resources for the classroom. “This music and the cultures that created them are a valuable resource to courses in history, geography, language arts, social studies, visual arts, music and dance.” via Pat MacPherson, While roaming around the website for the Association for Cultural Equity (founded […]

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“Don’t Stop Dancing,” author tells symposium

Recently author and CDSS member Judy Chaves demonstrated the ageless benefits of dancing with the help of members of a retirement community. English country dance made its debut the last week of March 2012 at the University of Vermont’s annual Gerontology Symposium, a gathering for elder service providers in Vermont. As part of the Symposium’s […]

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Folk music in the news

Yesterday brought a veritable flurry of exciting new developments in the world of folk song and music: Alan Lomax’s Massive Archive Goes Online. Interesting article by NPR, with photos. This new material from from Alan Lomax’s independent archive has been digitized and preserved by the Association for Cultural Equity, and is distinct from his earlier […]

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Want to start a folk sing?

We are pleased to introduce the latest addition to our family of online Advice & How-To resources: the Folk Sing Starter Kit, a valuable contribution from Julia Friend and Nicole Singer. Here’s Julia, to tell you more about it: Hey look! There’s a new Folk Sing Starter Kit! It has great suggestions for forming singing […]

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Square resources page: Nils’ sneak peek

Nils on the trombone. Nils Fredland, our American Dance/Music Projects director, has been at work on some square dance resources to be available on our website. He’s posted here — on his own wonderful blog (which usually features reflections on an evening’s calling) — with a sneak preview. As he says, “One early aspect of the project was […]

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Over the last few months, I’ve heard from a few groups about their experiences using the online social network Meetup to attract new participants. I’ve even seen its effect at a local dance. This got me wanting to find out a little more about Meetup and how dance and song organizers have been using it. […]

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EFDSS: Teaching Traditional Song

While checking out the other day, I found a cool resource for teachers who are interested in incorporating traditional English song and singing games into their curriculum. Fun with Folk was created as part of the Take 6 Project, funded in England by the Heritage Lottery Fund and delivered to EFDSS in 2008-9. Fun […]

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