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Early Music is more than music before 9 a.m.

CDSS’s Early Music Week at Pinewoods—Fairest Isle: Music and Dance of Great Britain and Beyond Beautiful music under the trees, June 26-July 3, 2014 download flyer Enjoy the fun of playing rollicking English dance music, or the beautiful polyphony of composers like Byrd, Gibbons, Dowland, Jenkins, the lively rhythms of Holborne, the poignant harmonies of […]

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All In Good Time

guest blog by Chloe Levine At precisely 4:07 p.m., the clouds seemed as dark as a B flat piano key, the wind seemed as fierce as a grasslands predator mid-pounce, and my prospects seemed as dim as a fluorescent light bulb just turned on. But I got brighter, carried in the arms of the vigorous […]

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CDSS’s English & American Dance Week = great contra and English country dancing!

And it starts THIS Saturday, August 10, at Pinewoods Camp, near Plymouth, MA. Join us! Look at the dance program—George Marshall calling contras, Gene Murrow leading English, and Scott Higgs calling English and American dances. Musicians? Oh, yeah! The amazing Jonathan Jensen, lydia ievins, Anna Patton, Richard Forest, and Night Watch (Naomi Morse, Elvie Miller, […]

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Dance, Sing and Play in WV

Not doing anything special next week? Then join us at CDSS’s Adult and Family Week at Timber Ridge, in the foothills of WV—it begins this Saturday, August 10, and it IS special! We like to say that participation and involvement are contagious at the week. It’s a terrific program for adults, children, families and young […]

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by Nathaniel Smith Maple Morris & Morris Offspring present Rootbound: Celebrating the life of English folk dance in North America with music by Ian Robb, Amelia Mason, Eric McDonald and Emily Troll original lyrics by Susan Cooper July 15, The Armory Performance Hall, 191 Highland Ave, Somerville, MA July 19, The Berkeley Church, 315 Queen […]

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The Rose and the Thorn: Contrasts in Music and Dance of Earlier Times

Early Music Week Pinewoods Camp, Plymouth, MA June 27-July 4, 2013 Watch a video of the week. Read or print the flyer. Free or measured? Monophonic or polyphonic? Improvised or written? Medieval or Renaissance? Treble or Contrabass? Dance music or concert music? High pitch or low pitch? Explore these delicious questions and many more in […]

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CDSS Sings!

by Caroline Batson, Promotion & Periodicals Director As you may know, CDSS is joining in a regional e-philanthropy event next week on 12.12.12. We invite you to support our work with a special gift that day (or you can schedule a donation anytime between now and then). Since not everyone who’ll be giving that day […]

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Bravo Brad—part two with video highlights!

by Rima Dael, Executive Director As promised, I said I’d follow up with another blog on the Bravo Brad event from the end of August with a video montage and thoughts from others. Here is the link to the video! Thoughts from others… David Millstone, CDSS Board President “Bravo Brad!” brought a series of CDSS […]

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Rima at Camp—part 7: Adult & Family Week at Timber Ridge

A series of summer blogs by CDSS Executive Director Rima Dael: Hello from Timber Ridge! Our first full day at camp greeted us with cool weather. I had a lovely morning chatting and dancing with caller Ralph Sweet. I dropped into Gaye Fifer’s “Young Leader Course” session this morning and I helped Abby Ladin teach […]

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20 tables of 8 Celebration at Pinewoods

It will come as no surprise to anyone who has been to a CDSS session at Pinewoods in the last 20 years, that the camp is a special place for me and my family. Meg, Ruth, Sam and I were all at the recent celebration of the rebuilt kitchen: “Twenty Tables of Eight.” It was […]

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