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Dance, Sing and Play in WV

Not doing anything special next week? Then join us at CDSS’s Adult and Family Week at Timber Ridge, in the foothills of WV—it begins this Saturday, August 10, and it IS special! We like to say that participation and involvement are contagious at the week. It’s a terrific program for adults, children, families and young […]

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BVD Tour—The Second Week

by Val Medve and Barb Seppeler BVD—Barbara Seppeler, Val Medve and Dan Seppeler, accompanied by Tom Medve (and in part, Tom Grande)—toured New England last month. Val and Barb shared the daily diary writing; see their earlier blogs, The First Week and the Intro. Val’s post, Saturday July 13, 2013 We left Billie Lanz’s place […]

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Singing and Dancing in Macedonia

by David Millstone I’ve been a contra dancer for some 40 years and an English country dance enthusiast since 1987. For decades, the only singing I did was with my fifth grade students, who didn’t understand that I couldn’t really sing. With that background, what took me on a overseas trip with Village Harmony for […]

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by Nathaniel Smith Maple Morris & Morris Offspring present Rootbound: Celebrating the life of English folk dance in North America with music by Ian Robb, Amelia Mason, Eric McDonald and Emily Troll original lyrics by Susan Cooper July 15, The Armory Performance Hall, 191 Highland Ave, Somerville, MA July 19, The Berkeley Church, 315 Queen […]

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The BVD Tour—July 11-25, 2013–an Intro

by Val Medve for BVD Gotta dance? We’ve got you covered! The BVD Tour is bringing English country dance to a community near you this summer. Join Barb Seppeler (pianist), Val Medve (caller), and Dan Seppeler (caller) for joyous dancing (and perhaps a CDSS gift item giveaway) in these communities: New Haven, CT; North Kingston, […]

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Preserving the Life’s Work of Keith Blackmon, Part II

Nils Fredland and I have been working on the book of Keith Blackmon’s singing squares for over two years, on and off, and we’ve just published it! Pretty darn exciting. A funny thing happens when you’re working on a book – the words take over. The constant decisions you make are all about commas, hyphens, […]

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Singing and Dancing and Other Fun Stuff on May Day in China

As requested, three intrepid Morris dancers checking in from Shanghai, China where we have been having an interesting May Day celebration, both in the dancing sense and in the communist regime sense. Our May Day celebrations began last night when we decided to do a bit of busking in the busy commercial district by the river overlooking the China […]

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Passport to Joy!

At last week’s Annual Governing Board meeting, the Board affirmed the staff’s first-tier Centennial projects, saying, “Go for it!”  As if that weren’t exciting enough — by the time the meeting concluded, individual Board members had demonstrated their support by committing $42,000 in gifts and pledges for the Centennial. Both Board and staff spoke passionately […]

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The Rose and the Thorn: Contrasts in Music and Dance of Earlier Times

Early Music Week Pinewoods Camp, Plymouth, MA June 27-July 4, 2013 Watch a video of the week. Read or print the flyer. Free or measured? Monophonic or polyphonic? Improvised or written? Medieval or Renaissance? Treble or Contrabass? Dance music or concert music? High pitch or low pitch? Explore these delicious questions and many more in […]

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Fundraising for your group or project

by Rima Dael, CDSS Executive Director We have been getting many requests of how best to fundraise for a project or for a group. I’ve sent the resources below to a few members but I wanted to post this here for everyone to see. First, let’s set the context in which you are fundraising. Eighty […]

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