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Fundraising for your group or project

by Rima Dael, CDSS Executive Director We have been getting many requests of how best to fundraise for a project or for a group. I’ve sent the resources below to a few members but I wanted to post this here for everyone to see. First, let’s set the context in which you are fundraising. Eighty […]

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Gifts In Memory Of/In Honor Of

thinking of you

I’ve just finished the absorbing and humbling exercise of editing the list of 2012 Donors to CDSS.  You can see the full list here.   Its impressive amplitude is a testament both to the generosity of our supporters and to the depth of feeling that traditional dance, music, and song evoke in those who participate […]

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Ralph Page Dance Legacy Weekend, part 4—The Future is NOW!

by Mary Wesley, CDSS Education Associate   This year was the third time I have attended the Ralph Page Dance Legacy Weekend—for me it seems to be turning into something of a pilgrimage. It is difficult to put into words what it feels like to be at this unique event and why I plan to […]

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“It’s Fun To Hunt”

by David Millstone Ralph Page gave this title to a regular column in his Northern Junket magazine, in which he shared information he had gleaned from looking through old newspapers in New Hampshire and Vermont. For those of us interested in dance history, he’s absolutely right. Late last month, CDSS member Karen Mueller-Harder heard a […]

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Kicking Off Plans for SW Conference

by Linda Henry, CDSS Outreach Manager Plans are afoot for creating a leadership conference for the Southwest United States! An email recently went out to all CDSS group affiliates in the SW and others we know are interested. The message invited 80 people to participate in a phone meeting about preliminary plans. If you didn’t […]

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Visit to Japan

by Rima Dael, Executive Director Happy New Year and a warm hello from all of us in the CDSS office. Thank you for your passionate support in helping us end the 2012 fiscal year brilliantly! We are busy placing finishing touches on our budget for 2013. This Friday I will be traveling to attend the […]

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CDSS featured in the Valley Gives thank you video!

Valley Gives has posted a thank you video on their website, and it prominently features CDSS! Take a look and you’ll catch us singing outside Thornes Marketplace in Northampton and dancing at Mama Iguana’s restaurant in Springfield (at the wrap up event)! Valley Gives Thank You

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CDSS Sings!

by Caroline Batson, Promotion & Periodicals Director As you may know, CDSS is joining in a regional e-philanthropy event next week on 12.12.12. We invite you to support our work with a special gift that day (or you can schedule a donation anytime between now and then). Since not everyone who’ll be giving that day […]

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A Festive Celebration for George Fogg

It was a lovely afternoon in Payson Church in Belmont, MA, for the CDSS Celebration of George Fogg’s Lifetime Contribution Award. Everyone had a George story to share…now I have one too. The afternoon started a little rainy, but as the speakers spoke about George, about his support, encouragement and welcoming demeanor to jump in […]

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Square Dance History Project Launches New Website

by David Millstone A group of square dance enthusiasts has launched a digital library and website that takes a broad look at square dancing now as well as the historical antecedents of today’s squares. Please share this news and the link with others who might be interested! The project’s primary focus is to collect good […]

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